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Posted on June 04, 2017

One of the biggest trends in brand management that we are all going to witness over the next year is the use of augmented reality. Augmented reality(AR) with digital content is going to be popular and hit a home run for many brands and businesses The application of AR is already creating an impact. AR is creating the opportunity for client engagement by blending their clients electronic world with real-world spaces. We at Captain Blimey, allow brands to engage with the audience (Captain Blimey users) playing the game actively in their respective neighbourhoods.

Advantages for your brand to advertise on Captain Blimey App –

  1. Newest, most innovative way to reach your primary demographic
  2. Interactive billboard ads inside the game, making your business part of an actual game play experience
  3. Drive Captain Blimey gamers to your website
  4. Use the same design of your brand ad as you would in real billboard
  5. Place your treasure inside the game to drive players to interact with your store front
  6. Gain foot traffic for your business and convert them to sales
  7. Earn word of mouth advertising – More People Win: More People Talk
  8. Get additional free brand recall from Social Media advertising through our social channels

With this low-cost in game ad option for local businesses, you are reaching directly to the active audience and gaining foot traffic through the freebies offered by you. Join us and become our business partner, take the advantage of gaining sales through fun, interactive, low-cost AR ads!
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