Posted on June 04, 2017


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Lore introduction

As with any story, our protagonist deserves his own introduction. A man with high infamy even among the pirates, a fearsome captain and a man with endless greed for riches. In possession of a crew who is forever loyal to him and serves him with complete obedience, helping him on his journey.

Each of his crew members were personally selected by Captain Blimey himself for their abilities and special skills. His First mate "Sally the fierce and foul" was a research expert and a navigator, who would guide him when he needed information regarding anything new that he came across on his adventures. The cook "Peter Shark Hands" with his versatility with knives and proficiency with weapons. And Finally the musician of the crew ,"Sandy Silver Throat". The tunes she played could bind anyone to do her bidding.

While everyone knew only of his notorious reputation, even he had a great number of abilities that made his hunt easy. He had an uncanny ability to spot signs of treasures that were invisible to everyone else. Each hunt only improved him and even gave him the ability to use magical trinkets that would further help in his primary purpose of achieving ultimate riches.

Like all pirates of his generation Captain Blimey also had a pet parrot, "Coco". Coco was trained to be the best treasure seeker that anyone had seen in centuries, It would seek out treasure chests and carry them to Captain Blimey. Every time that Captain Blimey uses a golden trinket, CoCos treasure seeking abilities were amplified to such an extent that it would spot the rarest of treasures with ease!

Captain Blimey started on his biggest adventure when he found out about the hidden treasures belonging to the most notorious pirate of all time "Blood Eyed Billy". Each treasure only takes him closer to his goal of ultimate riches and fame!!!

Join us next time as we delve deeper into the world of Captain Blimey and his mates .

About Captain Blimey Game

Captain Blimey is the first of its kind augmented reality treasure hunt game which uses your smartphones GPS services to help you hunt down treasures in this world of pirates and treasures. Find treasure chests containing gold coins , trinkets and real world prizes as you walk around In the real world  and claim them.

Get hyped up as you kill a dragon to claim a chest, overcome all odds to become the richest and greediest pirate in the history

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